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No Costs

The advertisement is free. Just let us know the net price, and on that what we will add our commission

No Exclusivity

You can manage your properties also with other agencies or other portals. We do not ask for exclusivity, but only to update your calendar

Easy to publish

Just communicate the specifications of the property, a brief description and send your photos, we'll upload the property on the site

Broad visibility

Homes in Liguria is a web platform in English and Italian with great visibility on national and international search engines

High Profitability

Renting your property for short periods is more profitable than doing so with traditional rentals. Homes in Liguria is the ideal partner to maximize your revenue


You can suspend your publication at any time, though maintain the commitment made by previous reservations accepted

Immediate notifications

Automatic notifications via email or text message of all received reservations. You just have to check and confirm the requests

Safe payments

The customer books the property directly on the site by paying an advance. The balance is paid by the guest prior to arrival or in cash at check -in, if the guest doesn’t pay he cannot access the property

Your approval

To overcome problems of calendar updates, each reservation is bound to your approval. Once you receive the communication of a booking, you have 24 hours of time to confirm it, or delete it, thus avoiding the risk of overbooking

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Are you interested in renting your property on our site? Contact us or download the Word version of the form «New Property», fill it in and send it to use via email to