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"Homes in Liguria" is a registered brand exclusively used by Homes in Liguria, , P.IVA 13731171008, its administrative and operative premise located in La Spezia, Viale Italia 94, Liguria, Italy, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of La Spezia. References to “the Company”, “we”, “us” and “our” are to Homes in Liguria. References to “the Customer”. “you” and “your” are to the person for whom the booking is made through the website Homes in Liguria is authorized by the owners of the managed properties to rent the properties on their behalf.


Check-in and Check-out
Guests can check-in from 2.00 PM, exceptions need to be agreed with the owner. Late arrivals (ie. after 20.00) need to be agreed with the owner and mat incur into additional cosst according to the time of arrival.  
Check-out shall be completed within 10.00 AM, exceptions need to be agreed with the owner.


No Show and Late Cancellation
In case of No Show or Late Cancellation the amount paid for the stay is non-refundable.


Deposit fee

For some of the properties shown on the website, the Client may be required to provide a deposit fee, which is usually given to the owner at check-in phase. The latter will be refunded to the Client in full upon check out. Should the Property be damaged by the Client, or valuable items are missing, or the contract obligations are not respected, the owner will be entitled to retain the above deposit and claim compensation for any further damage caused which will be debited on the Client’s credit card number. The Client should check eventual problems or damages in the Property upon arrival and advise within 24 hours the owner or Homes in Liguria (


Duration of contract

The duration of the contract is indicated with check in and check out dates.


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel more than 60 days before check-in, the amount paid is fully refundable;

If you cancel form 30 to 60 days before check-in 50% of the amount paid will be retained

If you cancel within 30 days of check-in, the amount paid is non-refundable


Changes to the arrival and departure dates are acceptable if the property is still available in the new dates. No extra costs will be incurred if the changes are communicated 60 days before the arrival.


Replacement of the property

The Owner may replace the Property with another of identical or superior quality for any contingencies beyond its control, should the owner be unable to guarantee the Client use of the Property. If the Client, has a reasonable and substantiated reason for refusing the Property offered in replacement, the owner will refund the Client the amounts paid. No further amounts of whatsoever nature shall be due by the owner to the Client.


Client Obligations

The Client agrees that the maximum number of people entitled to occupy the Property is that set above as “number of guests". Non−compliance with this obligation shall entail payment to the owner of a penalty equivalent to 30% of the overall price for the Property for each additional person in excess of the set number.

The Client undertakes to exercise due care and diligence in using the Property, refraining from any act which may damage the Property and/or annexed spaces and/or facilities contained therein. The Client also agrees not to cause any noise or nuisance, which would in any way disturb residents in neighboring properties.

The Client also undertakes to return the keys of the Property in such manner as will be agreed with the Owner or his/her representative at check in.

The Client also agrees not to reproduce and/or give to third parties the keys of the Property. Loss of keys will entail compensation of the cost of new locks and of 4 sets of keys.

The Client also agrees to take reasonable care and adopt the necessary safety measures to avoid unauthorized persons from accessing the Property for the entire duration of his lodging period, as set above. Should the Client fail to comply with the said obligation, the same shall be liable to the Owner for any damage caused to the property and/or items contained therein. The Client also agrees not to sublet the apartment to anybody.

If not agreed differently during the booking, all customers staying for 7 or more nights will be responsible for paying bills (for water, electricity and gas), on top of the agreed rental rate, at the end of the stay. The meters will be controlled with the client during the check in procedure and again at the checkout. Payment must be done in cash or credit card.


Rights to access the property

The owner and/or third parties appointed by the owner, identifiable upon request of the Client, shall have access to the Property to carry out a repair and/or maintenance work as should be required. Except in an emergency, the Client will receive prior notice thereof, via email and/or text message. If necessary to show the apartment to a prospect client the Owner or his/her representative will ask the Client’s consent about the best date and time to do so.



Unless pets are accepted (as indicated in the property description) or expressly authorized in writing by the owner, the Client shall not be allowed to have pets of any kind in the Property.

Except as provided by law, or as authorized by the prior written consent of Landlord, Tenant will not make any alterations of garden-terrace. The tenant cannot garden without the landlord's consent. The landlord won’t reimburse tenant for materials and labor for improvements of the garden. Garden-terrace conditions are accepted at check in and with contract signature. Problems regarding mosquitos, ants, spiders, should be solved by the tenant.


Interruption of supplies

The owner and Homes in Liguria on his behalf will not be liable to the Client for any suspensions/interruptions beyond its control of the electricity and/ gas and/or water supply.


Penalties and extra fees

Disruption of sheets & towels provided, that cause any form of deterioration, will cost 10 Euro per piece to the guest.

Any call from the Client, which demands assistance at the property, will be charged accordingly every time that the responsibility falls on the negligence of the aforesaid.


Clause of contract termination

The owner may terminate this Contract according to law by sending to the Client written notice in any of the following events: a) should the Client fail to pay the due amount for the Property according to the days it has been booked for and to the terms written above or b) should the Client’s conduct be contrary to taking due care of the property (see above “Client Obligations”).

In the cases designated above, the owner will be entitled to retain, by way of penalty, the proportion of the price for the Property previously paid by the Client


Thefts / Injuries

The owner will not be liable to the Client for any thefts perpetrated. The owner is not responsible for any injuries against to the guests inside his/her property. For this reason we strongly suggest underwriting a travel insurance.


Potential changes to this contract

After the arrival date this contract can be modified only in writings.

Before the arrival date the Client and the Owner agree to contact Homes in Liguria to arrange any sort of modifications to this contract. Such modifications must be formalized via email.


Use of personal data

The Client authorizes the owner to communicate his/her personal data to the police as for the law obligations (legge 31 dicembre 1996, n.675).


Tourism Tax

Pursuant to Art. 4 of Legislative Decree n°23 of 14th March 2011 every Italian municipality which is considered a tourist location has decided whether or not to apply a tourism tax and the amount to be charged, as well as exempt categories, for example, children under the age of 10. The tax is applied to each overnight stay (cost per person per night), and the amount (which varies between € 0,50 and 3,00 € per person per night) is established by the individual municipality where the relevant property is registered. The tax, if due, should be paid in cash to the Owner's representative upon arrival.


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions provided for herein – and any subsequent amendment – apply to all our services available online, directly or indirectly (i.e., through agencies), on any mobile device, via email or telephone. By accessing our website, visiting it, and/or using any of the applications provided through whatsoever platform (hereafter referred to as "website"), and/or by booking, you declare of having read, understood and accepted (also for purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code) all the terms and conditions herein (including the privacy provisions).


Purpose of the Service
These terms and conditions, their contents, structure and the online booking service provided herein and through the website (the "service") are owned, managed and offered by Homes in Liguria ("Homes in Liguria", "we", "us", "our") and are provided for your exclusive use with non-commercial purposes, according to the terms and conditions herein.
Even though we provide our service with diligence and attention, we can not be deemed liable for any error (including manifest errors and typos), interruption of the service (deriving from damages – temporary and/or partial – reparation, upgrade or maintenance of our website or any other similar circumstance), for imprecise, misleading or false information, or for the default in their delivery.
Our services are available for personal use only and not for commercial use. Therefore, you are not allowed to re-sell, use, copy, insert, deep-link, monitor (using, for example, spider, scrape), visualize, download or reproduce any content, information, software, product or service available on our website for any kind of activity having commercial purposes.


Homes in Liguria adopts highly ethic standard in compliance with the current applicable Italian law and respects your privacy. Unless requested by the law of the relevant jurisdictions, and with the exception any action requested by the applicable law, we will not disclose your personal data (including those relating to credit cards) to third parties without your prior consent. The data controller for your data is the company Homes in Liguria in the person of the CEO.


By making a reservation you agree to receive one or more emails before the date of your arrival at the Apartment/Villa giving confirmation of the booking and possible information on your destination and various suggestions and offers (also by third parties, should you have agreed) concerning your booking and destination, and an email after your stay, with the invitation to give your feedback on the structure.


Exclusion of Liability
Neither us nor any of our shareholders, managers, employees, representatives may be deemed liable towards you or any of your affiliates or related persons only for direct and immediate damages suffered or paid as a direct consequence of our breach to comply with our obligations with regard to the services that we should have provided to you. Our indemnification obligations (including for legal fees) towards you (and any of your affiliate or related parties) will be limited to a maximum amount equal to the total cost of your stay, as reported in the confirmation email (either for one occurrence or a series of connected occurrences).
Without prejudice to the above, in any case neither us or any of our shareholders, managers, employees, representatives, advisors, appointed persons, branches, affiliates, affiliated (distribution) partners, licensees, agents or persons involved in the creation, sponsorship, promotion or diffusion of the website and the contents provided therein may be deemed responsible for: (i) losses or punitive, special, indirect or consequential damages, loss of production, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of contract, for damages to the reputation and the name or for the loss of rights, (ii) the inadequacy of the (descriptive) information of the services made available on our website, (iii) for the services or products supplied through our website, (iv) for damages (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive), losses or costs incurred and paid as a result of the inability to use our website or a delay of our website, but however connected or related to its use, or (v) personal damages, damages to properties or costs incurred and paid for lawsuits and other legal or extrajudicial proceedings, claims, errors, infringements, (gross) negligence, willful maladministration, omissions, misrepresentations, civil liability, tort or liability without-fault for a tort attributable (in whole or in part) to an external agency that you have used to use any of our services or to book one of our Apartments/Villas.
In no case is Homes in Liguria deemed liable for damages, losses or thefts affecting any of the guest(s)' personal belongings located in the Apartments/Villas during his/her stay.


Intellectual Property
Unless otherwise stated, the Homes in Liguria trademark and logo, the website and all the contents, information and materials on our website, as well as the copyright related to them, are exclusive ownership of and can not be reproduced, either in whole or in part, transferred (whether with electronic or conventional means), amended, linked or otherwise used for any purpose without the prior written consent of Homes in Liguria.


Possible Failure of Technical Services
It is possible that the Internet service and the TV service in your Suite is unavailable during your stay due to technical problems which may occur and are out of the control of the property owner and/or Homes in Liguria.
It is also possible that the Internet service provided is not compatible with your own computer/tablet/smartphone's operating system or configuration. In all the cases above, neither the property owner nor Homes in Liguria can take responsibility for any losses or expenditures due to technical failure.


Behavior & Smoking
Tenant will not perform disturbing, unhealthy, noxious, hazardous or illicit acts, will not store flammable, explosive or corrosive materials and will not perform any mercantile or industrial activity within the leased property. Smoking is allowed only on the outdoor spaces.


These terms and conditions, as well as the supply of our services, is regulated by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Italy; any dispute that may derive out of or in connection with these terms and conditions and our services shall be settled by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome, with the exceptions of mandatory provisions of law concerning the client's Court. The English version of these Terms and Conditions is merely a courtesy translation of the original Italian version posted on the Italian page of our website. The English version is informal and has a mere explanatory purpose: therefore, in case of any contradiction or discrepancy between the Italian version of these Terms and Conditions and its English translation (or other languages), the Italian version will prevail and will be considered as the only legally binding version. Should any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions not be valid, loose validity or be/become non-binding, you will continue to comply with all the other provisions set forth herein. In this case, we will replace the above mentioned clause(s) with a valid and binding clause having an effect as similar as possible to the clause(s) being replaced, that you undertake to accept in compliance with the contents and the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.